Dental Implants in Brazil

Whether you have plans to come to Brazil for business or tourism or you are an expatriated resident, and want to have dental implants (implante dentário, in portuguese) done, this page aims to help you. Here you may find dental implants specialists and clinics experienced in foreign patient treatments.

dental implants in Brazil


Why should I choose Brazil as my dental implants destination?

Here are some reasons:
  • -Brazil has highly qualified, experienced and skilled dentists, who have graduated from well-respected schools of dentistry;
  • -It's a traditional destination for quality cosmetic dentistry. Brazilian dentists are worldwide recognized for its attention to both aesthetic and functional aspects;
  • -Due to brazilian Real depreciation against USDollar in 2015, dental implants has become cheaper for foreign patients.

How much does a dental implant cost in Brazil?

In Brazil, giving a cost before a consultation is considered a bad practice, since every patient has unique treatment necessities. When you are abroad, in your home country, brazilian dentists use to schedule video conferences to get in touch with you and to present the treatment options, after having received a panoramic x-ray of your teeth. As a result, you may receive a detailed treatment plan, including costs.

I don't speak portuguese. Is it a problem?

No. All the dental professionals listed in this page speak english.

How should I choose a dentist?

  • -The first step you should take is visiting a local dentist you already know and trust for consultation, diagnosis and advice. Now, with the information provided by your dentist, you can begin your search;
  • -Look for clinics and dental professionals that provide detailed information about them. All brazilian dentists must be licensed and accredited by Conselho Regional de Odontologia, and own a CRO number. You can check the number on the counsil website;
  • -Background and qualifications of the dentist; his/her reputation, including testimonials from previous patients; age and cleanliness of the clinic’s facilities and equipment are also good information to consider;
  • -After choosing some few options of dentists and/or clinics, contact them and ask for references from previous patients. Get in touch with them, and ask them about their experience with the dentist/clinic;
  • -Contact the best evaluated dentist/clinic, talk to the dentist, ask all your questions. Some examples: how many trips will be required, how long you will have to stay each trip, what if you have problems when you're back to your home country. The more you know, more confident you'll be;
  • -Read the contract very carefully.

Who is in charge of the bookings part?

Some bigger dental clinics use to work with travel agencies, but you can choose your own travel agent as well.

Clinics and Specialists

São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro

João Pessoa


São Paulo

Benatti Odontologia

Av. Paulista, 925 - 13° andar
Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP
phone: + 55 11 3251-0228

Chedid Odontológica

Rua Marquês de Abrantes, 258
Belém - São Paulo - SP
phone: + 55 11 2292-7000

Clínica Luposeli

Rua Nova Independência, 1.109
Brooklin Paulista - São Paulo - SP
phone: + 55 11 2888-8666

Dr. Rodrigo Blas Clínica Dental

Rua Luiz Gonzaga de Azevedo Neto, 97
Morumbi - São Paulo - SP
phone: + 55 11 3758-1304

Rio de Janeiro

MultiOral Clínica Dentária

Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 433
Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
phone: + 55 21 2247-0236

João Pessoa

Clínica Dental Design

Av. Epitácio Pessoa, 753, sala 1007
Bairro dos Estados - João Pessoa-PB
phone: + 55 83 4141-4662


Unique Odontologia

Rua Domingos André Zanini, 277 · Sala 611
São José - SC
phone: + 55 48 3047-0400